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We are a wide-ranging mix of passionate cyclists. From young Cat 1s to Masters you'll find VSR riders on the start line of the NCCX series, a Southeast gravel race, a crazy Pisgah Productions mountain bike race, or a classic road race. Born from the eponymous VeloSports Performance Center in 2008 we have become the most active, involved, and respected team in Western North Carolina.

Central to our existence is growing cycling in Western North Carolina. We have organised the 2016 USA Cycling Collegiate National Championships, three different charity rides, and volunteered at numerous events, including the 2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships. Central to this is the Alfie Loans Ring of Fire. From the decades old "Rumble on the River" this event has grown to one of the best training races in the country. We often say you'll never have more fun in a training race on a circle track. But that doesn't scratch the surface. Come experience for yourself the unbelievable fun and atmosphere on a former premier NASCAR track at our Carrier Park Mellowdrome. 



We are unbelievably blessed to have these supporters and sponsors below be a part of our journey as a professional, respected, and competitive team in Asheville, NC and throughout the Southeast. Baird - Looking Glass Wealth Advisors and Stephen Duncan of Beverly-Hanks have been with us since the beginning as an independent team in 2010. Alfie Loans has placed their faith and trust in our event, and placed their name on the top of our Ring of Fire logo for three years now. All of our other sponsors equally place their resources and time with us and we are grateful for them all. Please click below to be directed to their site and learn more about them or place your business with them.

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