Team Principals

Ryan McClenny

Like many of us, Ryan received that "golden ticket" to move to the Asheville cycling mecca in the form of a job offer. His good fortune ended there as the rouleur flatlands of Charleston did not extend to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Forever doomed to gravitational vertical challenge, Ryan makes up for it with endless positive attitude and a physique suited to the banks of the Mellowdrome.

Dan Snedecor

Dan's interests through the years are as varied as Zoolander's signature looks. From XC, to road, to ultra-endurance MTB, back to road, and CX, Blue Steel has done it all. A core member of our leadership, Dan's balanced take to riding, racing, and life is much appreciated.

Joe Alachoyan

Hardened from the Massachusetts winters, Joe cut his teeth racing CX against the likes Powers and a diapered Hyde, and doing dumb stuff like riding his street motorcycle throughout New England winters. Obviously coaxing death to his door, Joe revels in the 'muddier the better' mantra while steadfastly sticking to archaic cantilever brakes.

Team Members

Jimm McElroy

When not pedalling around northern Italy or waxing lyrical on Campy, Jimm is either hitting the road, trails, or gravel. He will be keeping primary focus on the off-road season again, with the payoff being social post-race seasonal beers; bonus if accompanied by offal or pasta fatto in casa.

Kirk Bjorling

How we ever convinced this stud to join our livery is some mix of us looking good and a proverbial swipe right, while drunk Tindr'ing. However the stars aligned, Kirk is fitting in nicely and will be a strong addition to the ROF A race ambitions this year. Look for him to tear it up at the road races, and any other discipline when he throws his leg over the requisite bike. 

Alan Brookshire

We often refer to Alan as "The Godfather" of Asheville cycling. His invaluable and numerous contributions have established him as a top respected voice in the community. A long time VSR member, as well as sponsor, his love of cycling is deep. But, even better than riding a bike, was his knack for planting some amazing genes in three of his kids who are top-level cyclists.    

JD Daubs

"King of the Half-Wheel" enjoys "easy rides," preferably on other's easy days. A multi-time enrolee, yet to graduate, in Reid Rhodes's School of Group Ride Etiquette, JD is not afraid to put his head down and drive the pace. That mentality and characteristics have boded well for his gravel racing campaigns, netting podiums in all of his races for 2016, and surely 2017.

Heath Dotson

Heath is one of our most veteran racing members with his experience extending to Europe and the old Cane Creek team. However, even knowledgeable pros have misfortune. We took Heath in while he was on hard times. Dotson was fooling around with heavy loads of running, decked out TT bikes with 4 water bottle holders and nutrition boxes, and even the hard stuff  like tri-tops and short socks. We've since rehabilitated him and he's been tearing up the southeastern circuit on the road and track with Gen.

Stephen Duncan

Another cornerstone of the VeloSports Racing foundation, Stephen is also a long-time sponsor as an honest and extremely hard working realtor. Stephen maintains a healthy racing schedule every year despite his responsibilities. His greatest win to date is defeating cancer after a long and extremely demanding fight in 2016. 

Cary Hitchcock

We brought Cary onboard hoping to expand VSR into the world of bike packing and lumberjacking. While we have let him down - clinging to road, MTB, and CX racing - Cary has done his part growing out his beard even longer and refusing to bring a sharp razor close to his legs fit for hair braiding. He also bakes a mean cookie, scone, and biscuit at West End Bakery.

Gary Jackson

Gary's stepped up his game tremendously in the past two years. Once requiring frequent admonishment in the form of tough love, he's become a model team member. He's looking good in wearing the appropriate year and matching kits - not a shabby bike racer either. Like Ready, when his form comes around he's a sure bet for the podium at any gravel or road race.

Andy Kimble


Last Seen: 2016 ROF Awards Party

Last known location: Knoxville, TN

If found, return atop his bike.

Reid Rhodes

If Reid isn't on a rock face somewhere, at CrossFit, or talking about rock climbing and CrossFit, you'll find him on the rivet at the back of a team ride hollering obscenities. He'll be in the fight for ROF A race supremacy this year. Come 'Cross is here' from 'Cross is coming,' he will be looking to establish himself and VSR in the P12 CX races in NCCX and AVLCX. Reid has a dog.

Andrew McKinney

They call him the fireman, that's his name. He's making his rounds all over town, putting out old flames. Everybody'd like to have what he got. He can cool 'em down when they're smouldering hot.

Todd Mosley

Once the third member of the Mississippi Mob, he's now the lone surviver. Unique to Todd is his frame building prowess - riding all his own frames. Also unique to Todd is his dedication and ability to stoke a fire at MTB team camp. *See MosleyFrameworks for beautiful slowmo fire shots on Instagram.

David Nolletti

Dave gets some things wrong - preference for skinny tires on gravel for instance. One area he doesn't fail is intensity. Just as with his students at the dojo, Dave regularly waxes on and waxes off the competition on the single track. As focused and headstrong as they come, he finishes anything he starts...just as he finally finished running 30-32mm tires on gravel.

Frank Obusek

In years past, Frank was glued to his ComputTrainer and targeting the ROF Masters 35+ race. On extended hiatus, Frank is still a core member of VSR. These days, he's glued to coffee on the porch in his bear sanctuary just outside of Fairview. 

Chris Ready
Steve Sherman

Chris is a hard man of the gravel racing and endurance mountain biking race scene. Don't let his Mississippi drawl and charming demeanour fool you. Underneath is a rider determined to crush his fellow Masters. Ready's lone soft-belly is tax season; if you don't establish your dominance before April 15th, your time is nigh over.

Dylan Whitley
Tony Zaffino

Tony is the hardest and softest among us. Half the year he may be laid-up with a bad back or a hard road ride may have him sore for days. Like a Phoenix, come PMBAR, Pisgah 111/55k, Monster Cross, or Double Dare and he's healed. 40sF and rain in the Pisgah Forest - the stuff of Tony's play. Well seasoned and experienced, he brings to their ruin anyone none-the-wiser to be his partner in his preferred Type 2 Fun.  

Gen Kogure

Look for Gen to be rubbing elbows and podiuming against young kids. A sprinter with a puncheur's spirit, his aim is another strong ride at Masters Nationals and that elusive Stars and Stripes jersey. Upon donning the maglia, he'll celebrate with Ramen and Lo-Pitch IPA, his favourite Hi-Wire Brewing beer.

John Luckett

Like Dotson, Luckett too dabbled in the alternative cycling sports world. However, Luckett can still roll off a run any given day of the week without two weeks of soreness. By necessity he maintains a cycling/running regime, and the beckoning of the duathlon world is not far away.

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